Our school moved into its present premises more than 40 years ago. And during the past years, continuous renovation and enhancement work has been done to preserve its unique beauty while creating extra space for school expansion. The time-worn buildings have not only braved the harshness of Hong Kong weathers but also witnessed generations of young girls growing up into the persons they choose to be. With a history of more than 120 years, the campus of BPS would certainly have many tales to tell as you walk down memory lane.

In 2008, a large scale project was carried out to upgrade all the classrooms. Now each classroom is equipped with a computer, network system, a projector and a screen. There is also a smart-looking set of lockers built in to maximize space and provide easy storage.

The most exciting is our Green Roof, which is so far the most massive and the only one among Hong Kong schools designed by a landscape architect. No wonder it is now a showpiece for similar projects. The fabulous landscape design not only blends naturally with its surroundings, improves the air quality and enhances the outlook of the otherwise mundane roof but it also provides heat insulation for the top floor.

In the past few years, renovation projects have been under way in order to enhance the school environment and meet the needs of the Senior Secondary Curriculum. The reconstruction of classrooms, the upgrade of laboratory and special rooms, the resurfacing of playgrounds and the provision of additional storage space all bear witness to our conviction to create a quality environment for learning and teaching.


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