Staff List 2018-2019


Ms HO Yuk-yee (Principal)

Ms HO Shin-yee (Assistant Principal)

Ms CHUI Eileen (Assistant Principal)

Ms AU Nga-ting

Mr KO Ping-lung

Ms NG Sze-man

Mr CHAN Wing-hung

Mr KWOK To-fat

Mr SHUEN Ting-fai

Ms CHAN Yuen-ching

Ms LAI Lap-ping

Mr HO Ngok-tai

Ms CHAN Yuen-fong, Susanna

Mr LAM Man-tak

Ms TAM Mei-lin

Ms CHANG Siu-king

Mr LAU Chung-tat

Ms TANG Shuk-man

Mr CHEUNG Yu-hin

Ms LAU Mei-ki

Ms TO Man-ying, Tammy

Ms CHIU Hon-lam, Karen

Mr LAU Mei-muk

Ms TSE Siu-hung, Amy

Ms CHOI Hiu-ying

Mr LAU Wing-hon

Ms TSE Yuk-ping, Fiona

Mr CHOI Yu-hang

Ms LAU Yin-wun

Ms WONG Man-wai

Ms FONG Kar-yan

Ms LEE Ka-yin

Ms WONG Man-wing, Anna

Ms FONG Siu-man

Ms LEE Po-chi

Ms WONG Shu-wing, Suey

Ms FUK Ka-yee

Ms LEE Pui-shan

Ms WONG Wai-ling

Ms FUNG Siu-ping, Peggy

Ms LEUNG Lai-yin

Ms WONG Wai-man, Amy

Ms HAU Siu-yum, Winnie

Ms LEUNG Miu-fun

Ms WONG Woon-fong, Katrina

Ms HO Oi-san, Joanne

Ms LIU Kwong-mei

Mr WU King-lok

Ms HO Yuen-wa

Mr LIU Tak-ming

Ms YIP So-ling

Ms KAN Mei-yee

Ms LUK Kit-yee



Our team of dedicated and professional staff are unceasingly learning to excel and teach to inspire future generations. They are aware of the huge impact of teachers on young people and how values and attitudes could be inculcated through classroom interactions; our teachers collaborate to deliver the quality education by participating the Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

They attended training courses, workshops, conferences and symposiums organized by the EDB and other tertiary institutions. They were also actively involved in other modes of professional development such as mentoring, collaborative lesson preparation, peer lesson observation, sharing and reflection sessions in departmental meetings and appraisal interviews.