The aim of Counselling and Guidance Team is to help students build self-esteem and confidence, cultivate a positive mindset and understand their personal growth and development. To cater for developmental needs of students, our team provides individual counselling services for student with different personal challenges. We work collaboratively with all staff, parents, social workers, educational psychologists and members of the community to help them achieve whole-person development and life-long learning.

To inculcate positive attributes in students, our team offers a series of preventive and developmental programmes such as leadership training, peer mediation training and support groups to promote mental health and wellness of students. We will do our best to address students’ varied interpersonal and emotional needs and assist in creating a plan of action to reconcile their issues.

To establish a caring school culture and “sisterhood” among senior and junior forms, S1 Mentorship Programme, Lunch Gathering and Preparation for the Test after-school tutorial classes are organized on a regular basis. Support will be given to our students to help them develop self-learning attitude, self-exploration, creativity and adaptability so as to meet with life challenges.

We also conduct systematic reviews regularly to ensure effective implementation of our service.