Raku is a type of Japanese Pottery that is traditionally used in the Japanese Tea Ceremony. Visual Arts Department has organized two Raku workshops for form 4 visual arts class on 6 Dec and 13 Dec 2014.The workshop was held in I-Kiln studio in Fo Tan. The workshop was conducted by an HK artist named Chan Kam-Shing. He is a professional and an experienced ceramic artist.
On the first day, we learnt how to hand-built a cylinder. Then we did glazing and firing on the second day. After glazing all the pots, Mr. Chan helped us to upload the kiln and set the kiln temperature up to 900 degrees, which took about an hour. We all waited until the pots started bubbling. While we are waiting for the glaze to be matured, we prepared the materials such as some newspapers and saw-dust for reduction firing. The reduction firing was so exciting. All students were very cooperative and all pots were successfully done finally. We have all learnt a lot from the workshops and enjoyed the two workshops a lot!

Event Date(s): 2014-12-13