The Annual Prize-giving Day of Belilios Public School was held on 8 December 2022. It was a great honour to have the distinguished alumna, Mrs KWONG KWAN Sau-ching, Iris, former Chairperson of our School Management Committee and former Principal Education Officer (Kindergarten Education) of the Education Bureau, as our guest of honour.

The Principal, Ms WONG Fei, congratulated the prize-winners on their outstanding academic achievements in the 2022 Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination. Six students attained Level 5 or above in 7 subjects, 13 students attained Level 5 or above in 6 subjects, and 17 students attained Level 5 or above in 5 subjects. The students’ achievements in various competitions ranging from music to sports are equally commendable.

In her speech, Mrs KWONG reflected on her 30 years of career. She reminded us that we should welcome challenges and turn them into opportunities. Accepting new tasks and additional work could prepare ourselves for greater responsibilities. Mrs KWONG also believed that positive leadership could enhance the satisfaction, engagement and performance of people. We should show our devotion to work, passion for life, love and compassion for people around us.

The ceremony ended with the presentation of handmade souvenirs by our students to Mrs KWONG and a group photograph of prize winners with the president and executive committee members of Belilios Old Girls’ Association.


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