School Motto

School Vision

It is our vision to enable each and every student to acquire a whole-person education whereby she grows and excels all through her pursuit of knowledge, skills and values. We pledge to nurture our students as future leaders who are competent to face challenges and committed to the betterment of their local, national and global communities.

School Mission

1) To promote the spirit of the school motto – Climb High See Wide.
2) To aim at academic excellence by providing a lively and enjoyable learning environment.
3) To enhance students’ generic skills such as creative thinking and independent learning skills conducive to lifelong learning.
4) To provide a balanced curriculum for students to attain all-round development according to their own attributes in the domains of ethics, intellect, physique, social skills and aesthetics.
5) To foster students’ belief in core and universal values and a willingness to serve mankind.
6) To maintain a team of professional and dedicated staff committed to the shared vision of education in the 21st century.