At BPS, students are nurtured to be life-long learners who continuously collaborate to strive for excellence in their pursuit of knowledge. Their exemplary academic performance is made possible with the hard work of the students, a team of professional staff and the supporting parents. We congratulate students with outstanding results and wish all graduates succeed in pursuing their dreams. 

Percentage (Number) of students meeting the general entrance requirement for local 4-years undergraduate university programmes (33222):

Year BPS HK (Day school candidates) HK (All Candidates)
2018 95.2% (120) 42.2% 37.4%
2017 95.1% (116) 40.9% 35.7%
2016 91.4% (149) 42.2% 36.6%
2015 96.4% (160) 40.3% 35.3%